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VISA – Citizens of Australia, Canada, the USA, and most European countries usually do not require a visa to enter Czech Republic. Additional information, including a list of countries that do require a visa can be found here.


List of accepted papers (in order as received from reviewers):

  1. Petr Stodola, Jan Mazal. The Trapezoid and S-curve for real-time Servomotors Control.
  2. Stanislava Papezova, Vaclav Papez. Air – Conditioner Control System For Foodstuffs Storing.
  3. Karel Hruska, Martin Sokol. Advanced Numeric Tooth Winding Analyses.
  4. Tomas Richta, Vladimir Janousek, Radek Koci. Code Generation For Petri Nets-Specified Reconfigurable Distributed Control Systems.
  5. Joachim Weißbacher, Andreas R. Weber, Gerald Steiner, Martin Horn. A Simple Method for Self-Commissioning of Industrial AC Motor Drives without Shaft Encoder.
  6. Antons Patlins, Nadezhda Kunicina, Anatolijs Zabasta, Anastasija Zhiravecka, Leonids Ribickis. Introduction of Project Based Learning Approach in PhD Program of Electrical Engineers.
  7. Detelina Ignatova, Radoslav Oransky, Ivo Vutchkov. A Control System for Two-Wheeled Mobile Robot.
  8. Detelina Ignatova, Alexander Vatzkichev. Synthesis and Analysis of the Working Area of a System of Industrial Robot and Video Manipulator.
  9. Steffen Lerm, Silvio Holder, André Göpfert, Richard Fütterer, Gerhard Linß. Concepts of a scanning hardware platform for highresolution image processing with Lab-on-a-chip analysis.
  10. Apostolos Tsagaris, Sotiris Manitsaris, Evaggelos Hatzikos, Athanasios Manitsaris. Methodology for Finger gesture control of Mechatronic systems.
  11. Dusan Maga, Juraj Dudak, Sona Pavlikova, Jiri Hajek, Boris Simak. Support of Technical Education at Primary and Secondary Level.
  12. André Göpfert, Steffen Lerm, Matthias Rückwardt, Marc Preissler, Gerhard Linß. Evaluation Of A Frame Bending Measuring System For Large Diameters In Wind Power Industry.
  13. Andrius Petrovas, Saulius Lisauskas, Alvydas Šlepikas. Investigation of Microcontroller Based Model of FitzHugh-Nagumo Neuron.
  14. Jan Hodicky, Petr Frantis, Ondrej Litvaj. Validation of simulator supporting movement of small group or individuals in different terrains.
  15. Jan Farlik. New Approaches To Operational Centres Modelling.
  16. Derya Ahmet Kocabas, Ahmet Kubilay Atalay, Hilal Rabia Ogut. Dynamic Simulation of an Induction Motor Having a Dahlander Connected Winding to Calculate the Total Energy Regained in Regenerative Braking.
  17. Ales Pochyly, Tomas Kubela, Vladislav Singule, Petr Cihak. 3D Vision Systems for Industrial Bin-Picking Applications.
  18. René Krizan, Libor Drazan. Power Microwave Pulsed Generator.
  19. Igor Kostal. A Parallelization of Instance Methods of a Remote Object of a Distributed .NET Application.
  20. Jaroslav Krejci, Tomas Zeman. Impulse Noise Influencing Xdsl Technologies.
  21. Alin Drimus, Mikkel Børlum Petersen, Jerome Jouffroy. Development of flexible tactile sensors for hexapod robots.
  22. Zdenek Hadas, Jan Vetiska, Jakub Juriga, Tomas Brezina. Stability Analysis Of Cutting Process Using Of Flexible Model In Adams.
  23. Mark Becke, Thomas Schlegl. Extended Newton-Euler Based Centrifugal/Coriolis Matrix Factorization for Geared Serial Robot Manipulators with Ideal Joints.
  24. Nadezhda Kunicina, Anatolijs Zabasta, Anastasija Zhiravecka, Alina Galkina, Julija Soboleva, Antons Patlins. Embedded Systems for emergency situations in automated manufacturing of wooden briquettes.
  25. Yury V. Turygin, Julia V. Zubkova, Dusan Maga. Investigation of Kinematic Error in Transfer Mechanisms of Mechatronic System.
  26. Jan Boril, Rudolf Jalovecky. Human – Machine Interaction and Simulation Models Used in Aviation.
  27. Mehmet Bayğin, Mehmet Karaköse.  A New Intelligent Group Elevator Control  Approach.
  28. Yu Zhang, Chris Bingham, Zhijing Yang, Michael Gallimore, Paul Stewart. Applied Sensor Fault Detection and Identification Using Hierarchical Clustering and SOMNNs, with Faulted-Signal Reconstruction.
  29. Mathias Schellhorn, Maik Rosenberger, André Göpfert, Steffen Lerm, Gerhard Linss. Smart sensor platform for image processing applications.
  30. Imran Ali, Talha Khalid, Abul Aziz Bhatti, Hafiz Tehzib-ul-Hasan. Variable Speed Drives effect on Capacitor Banks,their protection and enhancing Power Quality of the System.
  31. Michal Lucki, Leos Bohac. Selected aspects of interferometric measurements of non-electric low-amplitude physical quantities.
  32. Lukas Vojtech, Marek Neruda. Self-drying Planar Textile Materials with Electrically Conductive Structures.
  33. Jiri Hlavacek, Robert Bestak. Configuration of live migration for VoIP applications.
  34. Pavel Zahradnik,  Boris Simak. Two-dimensional Non-MEMS Pointing Mirror for Free Space Communication.
  35. Jiri Vodrazka, Petr Jares, Pavel Lafata. Time Division Multiplex over Packet Oriented Digital Subscriber Line.
  36. Pavel Lafata, Břetislav Bakala. Designing and Realization of Free-Space Optical Link and Its Diagnostic.
  37. Renata Masarova, Alojz Masar. Available metrics for space of binary coded software. Measuring of the software space.
  38. Radek Fejt, Antonín Platil. Multimedia handbook of sensors. Interactive models on web pages.
  39. Patrik Kutilek, Jan Hybl, Jan Kauler, Slavka Viteckova. Prosthetic 6-DOF arm controlled by EMG signals and multi-sensor system.
  40. Patrik Kutilek, Jiri Hozman, Pavel Smrcka. Identification of patient’s physiological movements on the bed by strain gauge sensors detect torsion of the elements of the bed.
  41. Patrik Kutilek, Slavka Viteckova, Zdenek Svoboda, Pavel Smrcka. Prediction of muscle length during walking by neural networks.
  42. Marcel Abas. Cayley graphs of diameter two in interconnection networks.
  43. L. F. F. Furtado, L. G. Trabasso, E. Villani, A. Francisco. Temporal Filter Applied to Image Sequences Acquired by an Industrial Robot to Detect Defects in Large Aluminum Surfaces Areas.
  44.  Yu Zhang, Chris Bingham, Michael Gallimore, Zhijing Yang, Jill Stewart. Fault Detection and Diagnosis Based on Y-indices and Residual Errors.
  45. Theresa Steiner, Mathias Forjan, Lukas Traxler, Zbynek Bureš, Andreas Drauschke. Development of a Negative Pressure Based Active Lung Simulator.
  46. Andreas Drauschke, Elisabet Rank, Lukas Traxler, Mathias Forjan. Mechanical eye model for comparison of optical and physiological imaging properties.
  47. Jan Chyský, Jaroslav Novák, Martin Novák, Zdeněk Novák. Determination of Losses in Ferromagnetic Circuit of a Sinusoidal Filter Powered with Frequency Inverter.
  48. Zdeněk Novák, Milan Hofreiter. Mendocino Motor and a Different Approaches to its Control.
  49. Mihai Lungu. Adaptive Observer Based on an Orthogonal Neural Network for the Estimation of the Aircrafts’ Longitudinal Motion.
  50. Mihai Lungu. The Estimation of an Aircraft Motions by using the Bass-Gura Full-Order Observer.
  51. Michal Dub, Petr Drlík. Modeling of Aircraft DC Generator Voltage Regulation.
  52. Michal Dub, Lukáš Brotan. MATLAB GUI for DC Drive Parameter Identification.
  53. Alexander Bitadze, Martin Doubek, Gregory Hallewell, Sergey Katunin, Stephen McMahon, Vaclav Vacek, Michal Vitek. Electronics for the new on-line ultrasonic mixture analyzer and flowmeter for fluorocarbon mixtures in the ATLAS silicon tracker, with application to Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detectors.
  54. Yousef Iskandarani, Hamid Reza Karimi, Michael Rygaard Hansen. Dielectric Electro Active Polymer’s Material Modeling, Testing and Verification.
  55. Theodora-Elli Stamati, Pavol Bauer. Green Energy for On-road Charging of Electric Vehicles.
  56. Juraj Dudak, Gabriel Gaspar, German Michalconok. Extension of 1-Wire Measuring System SenSys.
  57. Tomas Brezina, Zdenek Hadas, Jan Vetiska. Simulation Behavior of Machine Tool Based on MBS.
  58. Goltsova E. V., Klekovkin V. S. Identification of the Required Competencies for a Young Specialist (Based on Mechatronic Specialists).
  59. Frantisek Smrcka, Frantisek Zezulka, Michal Bilek. Teaching by Means of Remote Access to Models.
  60. Ali F Murtaza, Hadeed Ahmed Sher, Chiaberge M, Boero D, De Giuseppe M, Khaled E Addoweesh. A Novel Hybrid MPPT Technique for Solar PV Applications Using Perturb & Observe and Fractional Open Circuit Voltage Techniques.
  61. Gregor Vidmar, Damijan Miljavec. Investigations of Bearing Currents in Brush-less Direct-current Motors.
  62. Mehmet Onur Gulbahce, Derya Ahmet Kocabas, Ismet Habir. Finite Elements Analysis of a Small Power Eddy Current Brake.
  63. Ilhan Aydin, Mehmet Karakose, Erhan Akin. A New Contactless Fault Diagnosis Approach for Pantograph-Catenary System.
  64. Radek Doskocil, Jiří Fischer, Vaclav Krivanek, Alexandr Stefek. Measurement of Distance by Single Visual Camera at Robot Sensor Systems.
  65. Ebru Karaköse, Muhsin Tunay Gençoğlu. Adaptive Fuzzy Control Approach for Dynamic Pantograph-Catenary Interaction.
  66. Mert Karadeniz, Mehmet Onur Gulbahce, Derya Ahmet Kocabas. A Practical Design and Analysis of a High Power DC to DC Converter.
  67. Atsushi Maeda, Keiichi Ohizumi. Investigation on Effective Development Patterns in the Design Process of Digital Camera Products.
  68. Gülşah Karaduman, Mehmet Karaköse, Erhan Akin. Experimental Fuzzy Diagnosis Algorithm Based on Image Processing for Rail Profile Measurement.
  69. Zdenek Brabec, Jiri Holecek, Tomas Hruza. Overview of Applicability of ICT Technologies for Smart Grids.
  70. Ahmet Kubilay Atalay, Derya Ahmet Kocabas, Murat Imeryuz, Mehmet Onur Gulbahce. Analysis of Problems in a Load System Driven by Multiple Tandem Induction Motors.
  71. Sánchez José. Articulated Arms for Measuring; their Distortions and Calibration.
  72. Rafajdus Pavol, Peniak Adrian, Brandt Martin. Parametrical Model of Power Transformers used for Diagnostics Systems.
  73. Vit Brslica. Current Source for Battery Discharge Modeling.