FAQ 1) I am not able to find the IEEE electronic copyright form (in the RegSys registration system).

 A: Your paper has been accepted, but either “minor” or “major” changes are required. In this case, please upload the corrected paper and give us a few hours (may be a day or two) to perform the necessary technical check (metadata, formatting issues, etc.). After that, your paper status will be changed to “Accepted” (a notification e-mail will be sent to you), and the IEEE eCF button will appear in the registration system.

(If your paper status is “Accepted” and you are still not able to find the IEEE eCF button, please contact the conference organizers.)


FAQ 2: I have already paid the “In-Person” fee but now I am not able to travel. What can I do? 

A: Simply let us know about it. We are ready to switch your presentation to virtual mode (all accepted papers have to be presented at the conference – otherwise they cannot be indexed in the databases). You will be still able to follow other presentations (both the virtual and the in-person track will be streamed through MS Teams).

The bad news is that in such case we are, unfortunately, not able to refund the difference in the registration fee.

UPDATE: Due to the local COVID-19 situation the In-Person track have been canceled. All papers will be presented in the virtual track.


FAQ 3: I registered for the virtual track but now I have decided to travel to Prague and join the conference in person.

A: We apologize, but if your registration is valid for the virtual track, we are not able to guarantee the necessary on-site services for you. Generally, switching from the virtual to the in-person form of participation is not supported.

Nevertheless, both the virtual and the in-person track will be streamed through MS Teams, so you will not miss the presentations anyway.